The Process

The process

White Earthenware pottery or Bisque is painted using non-toxic paints which are clay based. The paints, or underglazes, can be applied using a variety of tools and techniques. Once painted the bisque is dipped in a clear glaze before being kiln-fired to around 1000°c. The finished product is not only food-safe but suitable for the dishwasher and microwave.

Fancy an Utterly Pottery Party?

Suitable for all ages and occasions. Take a look at the workshops page to see what Utterly Pottery can do.

1) Contact Lucy to discuss your event and find a suitable date.

2) Select the pieces you would like to be available at your event from the Utterly Pottery bisque catalogue

3) A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.

4) On the day Utterly Pottery will arrive within plenty of time to organise the painting area. All you need is a table and enough seats for everyone. Tablecloths are provided and the painting process is safe and clean. Utterly Pottery can provide an additional table and benches to seat up to 8 people. If you fancy painting alfresco a gazebo is also available.

5) After a brief introduction of the activity and demonstration of tools and techniques you are free to paint. Take a look at the colours available.

If you are struggling for inspiration look through the Utterly Pottery gallery for inspiration and ideas. Also a variety of books will be available. Support is on hand to guide you should you need it.

6) The finished pieces will be taken away to be glazed and fired. This takes up to 1 week.

7) Utterly Pottery will ensure your items are returned to you safe and sound.

Contact Lucy Davis | 07813 150636
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