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March Meet the Maker - Week 1

March seems to have come around rather quickly doesn’t it? It has become an exciting month for makers as it sees the start of the month long Instagram Challenge #marchmeetthemaker Daily prompts are set by the challenge creator Joanne Hawker www.marchmeetthemaker.com


I thought for this blog post I’d share my first week of the challenge for 2021


Day 1 - Brand Introduction
This is me, Lucy, the slightly loopy face behind Utterly Pottery which is a fun, colourful mobile pottery painting studio based in Bottesford, Leicestershire.
Everything is made with a personal touch by me from start to finish. Whether it’s a one off bespoke hand print mug or hand painted pottery for your home.
I try to add an injection of colour and love a row of dots and geometric shapes. I’m looking forward to sharing more about me and my business as the month goes on

Day 2 - Style
I sometimes find my style hard to pinpoint, but when I look at photos of my products all together I can certainly tell they’ve been made by the same person, me! Does that make any sense?
If I had to define my style I’d say it’s:
- Bright & Colourful
- My Squiggly Handwriting
- Lots of Dots
- Clean Geometric shapes

Day 3 - Beliefs & Values
At the heart of Utterly Pottery are completely unique personalised ceramic keepsakes that are meaningful and memorable.
Each and every piece of pottery is hand painted and finished by me at every stage. I’ve thought long and hard about possible ways to automate certain processes to speed things up during really busy times and to ease the pressure. But this goes against the core beliefs and values of my business.
The USP of Utterly Pottery is that hand painted personalised touch, whether that’s a baby’s first Christmas bauble or handmade ceramic brooch. Not two pieces are ever the same and that is so important to me.


Day 4 - On Your Desk
This is my little spot for wrapping and packing in the kiln room aka the garage. I’m planning a mini makeover in here to try improve the storage and hopefully make it a nicer place to be. It’s amazing how much time I spend out here as it’s also where I dip and glaze. A new infrared heater certainly improves the temperature out there! When the kiln isn’t on it can be rather chilly.

Day 5 - Newest Make
Behind the scenes I’ve been beavering away here at #uttpothq working on my new website with the help of Bob at Spring Creative.
It’s a bit of a labour of love and by no means completely ready yet. I have a few tweaks to make and minor adjustments to make. But it’s ready enough to finally share it to the world
I wanted it to be clean and simple to let the colourful pottery shine. There’s a link to my bio if you’d like to take a look. ‘Constructive’ feedback is gratefully received as the more I look at it the less I see, if you know what I mean.

Follow along on Instagram to see how the challenge progresses…