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March Meet the Maker - Week 4

Week four already! I'm sure lockdown is causing some sort of time warp. Days seem to fly by yet nothing happens. Here is a recap on the March Meet the Maker challenge this week. Challenging organised by Joanne Hawker.

Day 22 - Hands On

Such a satisfying job to band stripes of colour especially with a contrast like this rich navy underglaze on to a white plate. Keeping the plate spinning and the brush loaded is a bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy.


Day 23 - Job/s

One of my favourite jobs putting colour combinations together, this time for Easter takeaway kits. I can’t wait to see the colourful creations when they come back for firing.

Day 24 - Wrapped & Packaged

Throughout the last year of lockdowns I have add one of these ‘Thank You Postie’ stickers and added my own hand drawn rainbow. I slightly adapted the design created by @designedbylibby (and shared by @folksyhq) to include my logo. 

I’ve had so many lovely comments from customers, and their posties,  when happy parcels have been received. All thanks to these super stickers spreading joy along the way. It really is all about the little things at the moment!

Day 25 - Starting Point

This mug is the result of one of my first ever pottery painting experiences. Way before @utterly_pottery was born. Now a trusty pen pot as I find it a bit heavy to drink out of, but I love it too much to ever dispose of. It has a little chip on the other side that I keep meaning to fix. 

Way back when this mug was born who would ever have thought I’d have my own business let alone a kiln and pottery painting skills to fix it!

Day 26 - Favourites

Time to share something new that I’ve been working on recently. During the last year I’ve become a little obsessed with houseplants. So much so that I’ve created a little botanical collection including some of my favourites. I’ll be able to share more designs next week, when I will have popped them through the kiln. For now here is a sneaky peek of my String of Hearts, which grew from a few strands gifted by a lovely friend. As it grows longer, I keep chopping off more strands to thicken it up