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March Meet the Maker - Week 2

Time to summarise the second week of the month long Instagram Challenge #marchmeetthemaker Daily prompts are set by the challenge creator Joanne Hawker www.marchmeetthemaker.com
Day 8 Work in Progress
Splatter time! Such a messy job, but so much fun. I have to cover myself up though as I’m such a mucky pup!
Day 9 Learning Curve
Well, the whole of the last year has been one massive learning curve, let’s be honest! Trying to continue offering my baby hand and footprint pottery service without seeing customers face to face has certainly been a challenge.
These gorgeous prints were created by Ezra’s parents at home and handed back to me for the usual @utterly_pottery finishing touches. I was so nervous about starting to offer hand and footprint takeaway kits but the final result is just as beautiful as ever.
I have lots of little tricks up my sleeve to enhance the print without interfering too much. I like the print to be ‘real’ so never over work them. But if there’s a rogue 6th toe rest assured I’ll remove it for you..

Day 10 Small Detail 
One of my favourite small details is a dot and even more so a raised dot. 
Often used on my pottery to accentuate the rim or form a line between patterns. I always say a dot covers a multitude of sins. 
Day 11 Portrait
Having a therapeutic paint this afternoon and decided to start with a peacock feather before moving on to some of my favourite house plants. Could this be the start of a botanical range?? I just really wanted to have a play, but who knows. If they fire well I may well have stumbled across something.
Day 12 In Use
A spot of pegboard rainbow painting for my kiln room makeover and I’m ready for a mid afternoon cuppa. Happy Friday!