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March Meet the Maker - Week 3

The third week of Joanne Hawker’s March Meet the Maker Instagram challenge has whizzed by in a blur. Here’s my weekly recap in case you’ve missed a day

Day 15 - Focus & Priorities

Admittedly, this is quite difficult at the moment as I’m struggling focus on anything! At present I can’t offer many of my usual services but I’m really looking forward to being able to restart face to face appointments.

I really miss seeing my customers face to face and will definitely be prioritising this as soon as possible. I have a waiting list of eager customers, so if you’ve been thinking about getting in touch please feel free to drop me a message. I can’t wait to get cracking (not the best choice of words, but you know what I mean)


Day 16 - From the Archive

A flash back to 2012 and the first birthday party I ever did. The first photo shows the party plate that I did for Daisy, who is now at secondary school (makes me feel super old!) compared to one of my more recent party plates. I’m glad to say my writing has certainly improved! I used to be so nervous writing on people’s pottery but now it’s so much more free flowing.

Looking forward to being able to restart birthday parties too, takeaway kits just aren’t the same.

Day 17 - Process

Firing pottery never fails to excite me. The whole process from painting to lifting the kiln lid can be so unpredictable. Creating new designs can be hit and miss so I always prefer to practise on flatter shapes like coasters or mini plates. Watch this space tomorrow morning to see how my new peacock feather plate comes out of the kiln.

Day 18 - Colour

Ooo I love a bit of colour, particularly peacock colours. Teals, blues, greens with a flash of mustardy yellow have to be my favourites. Basically all of the colours on this freshly fired plate!! What a treat it was to lift the kiln lid this morning. I love it and think this one might have to be mine! I might even christen it with a naughty treat this afternoon 

I will definitely be adding this to the expanding peacock collection in my @folksyhq shop 

Day 19 - Silver Lining

Hurrah for Spring blossom! The last year has certainly allowed a little more time to watch the seasons come and go. It really is the little things at the moment