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Baby Hand & Footprint Pottery, how I’ve missed you!

Since the slight easing of lockdown rules in April it’s been wonderful to restart face to face baby hand and footprint pottery. Perfect timing for all of those new babies, born over the last year, to create special memories. 

Father’s Day has probably been the main reason for personalising pottery. Although to be fair anything goes, so bauble season has started super early this year! 
I absolutely love creating personalised ceramic keepsakes. It is probably my favourite make. No two pieces are ever the same as each and every print is completely unique.
I’d love to share a few pieces that have been gifted for Father’s Day this year:

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s, Step Dad's, Grandad’s, Grandpa’s, Pops’, Uncle’s, Brothers and father figures out there. I hope if you’ve received a personalised Utterly Pottery gift this year that it brings as much joy as it did for me to make it.
Have a lovely day and thank you for reading, Lucy

March Meet the Maker - Week 4

Week four already! I'm sure lockdown is causing some sort of time warp. Days seem to fly by yet nothing happens. Here is a recap on the March Meet the Maker challenge this week. Challenging organised by Joanne Hawker.

Day 22 - Hands On

Such a satisfying job to band stripes of colour especially with a contrast like this rich navy underglaze on to a white plate. Keeping the plate spinning and the brush loaded is a bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy.

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March Meet the Maker - Week 3

The third week of Joanne Hawker’s March Meet the Maker Instagram challenge has whizzed by in a blur. Here’s my weekly recap in case you’ve missed a day

Day 15 - Focus & Priorities

Admittedly, this is quite difficult at the moment as I’m struggling focus on anything! At present I can’t offer many of my usual services but I’m really looking forward to being able to restart face to face appointments.

I really miss seeing my customers face to face and will definitely be prioritising this as soon as possible. I have a waiting list of eager customers, so if you’ve been thinking about getting in touch please feel free to drop me a message. I can’t wait to get cracking (not the best choice of words, but you know what I mean)

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